A mini update

Firstly, apologies for not reporting back of late and in any great depth either - as busy as things are, this is no excuse and we promise to get better in this area going forward.

As yet, no monies from the recent campaign have been allocated but as and when we do make grants, we will be delighted to share with you how your funds are being spent.

In the meantime, you will know that we are supporting a local charity called Momentum - a charity founded out of the hospital where Tom, Sam, Harry and Paddy were all born. Momentum works with the families who have children with life limiting conditions, most commonly, cancer. Our contribution of £11,000 has provided a family support worker to liaise and support such families with a terminally ill child in the last months and days of their life and where necessary afterwards also. Part of this money was also allocated to provide 10 such families to enjoy a holiday in the New Forest Cabins that Momentum own. It must be a bewildering experience for such families but something that needs to be coped with. The simple things like connecting them with families in a similar situation or organising an evening for children and their families to come together are all important and can confidently report that Momentum are easing the pain for these families and are grateful to you for your support.

Today, Nikki and I met with Debra - the charity caring for people afflicted with EB - many of you will remember James Dunn I am sure? We talked of many ways that The Brothers Trust will continue to support Debra and there is potential for an exciting tie in between Debra shops and the John Foundation who we support in India - with details to follow. We also discussed establishing support for a charity in the USA and Debra might be a great a great place to start.

LunchBowl continue to do staggering work in Kenya. Heidi and Jenny who are integral to success of The Brothers Trust - introduced us to this charity - feeding and educating the world’s poorest kids in the world’s biggest slum dwelling - and our plans are to purchase a school bus for them and much else besides going forward.

The John Foundation is committed to taking women in India out of the sex trade. These women are trained in clothing manufacturing so that they acquire the skills necessary to gain employment and rekindle their lives with a fresh start. Our grant has allowed the John Foundation to build a new hostel to house 12 more victims. To square the circle, we have plans for the clothing factory where the women are trained to start making merchandise for The Brothers Trust which could be sold with the money raised being re-invested in this and other ventures that we support.

This is an excellent idea and so little surprise to anyone who knows us as a family - that it was Nikki’s idea and not mine!

As you can imagine, this grates on me…

And finally to say, thank you because without your support The Brothers Trust cannot help anyone!