And the Winner is...

The big news is that our latest campaign has ended and is our biggest so far, raising $541,000 – with our lucky winner being Kearan Nelson who has been informed and flights have already been booked. 

Rest assured that the funds you have raised for us are going to be a huge tonic to many great causes around the world. Everyone at The Brothers Trust would like to extend an enormous thank you to everyone who contributed (or shared news of our campaign).  Many of you have been contacting us via our website and other platforms to explain various fundraising ventures which are all heartening to learn about. 

Tom is about to head to China on the latest leg of Spider-Man Far From Home press tour – and with this in mind it is nice to make mention of a fans campaign via Weibo who have been donating to TBT for two years with a total of £11,373. This was kindly brought to our attention by a fan in South Korea (@tomholland_Korea) – a great demonstration of how global and unifying are our supporters.  

Over the next few months, we are excited to share news of grants that we can make with the funds you have raised. 

Tom, Sam, Harry and Paddy are very grateful to you all.