Avengers Infinity War Screening


A little along the experience curve already, our latest event was the easiest and most successful to date. It was a private screening of Avengers Infinity War and it helps that the film has enjoyed the biggest opening in cinema history and that Tom is now much better established in his role within the MCU.

The theatre was packed with people who had travelled from all over the world. Across the buy it nows, raffle tickets, selfies and poster sales, the event raised over £50,000, all of which will now be distributed to worthy causes both here in the UK and abroad.

The day was great fun. The sun shone brightly and the only absence was Sam and Harry who are in Australia on their year off. Year off from what, I have asked?

As ever, thank you to everyone who attended and took part. People who won raffle tickets but were unable to attend will have received signed posters by now and we hope they are some consolation for not living close enough to the UK. We have big plans and hopes for our trust; for further such events, big and small and (eventually, such screenings in territories outside the UK) and we hope to offer Brothers Trust Merchandise at some point too.

We have a great video of the day to share once we have overcome the tech difficulties in uploading it!