Our First Event

The Brothers Trust was launched in July 2017 with a private screening of Spider-Man, Homecoming with Tom, his brothers and 120 lucky winners who came to London from all over the world, including USA, China and even Australia. They got a chance to meet Tom, hear a Q&A and enjoy the film of course. 

Our second event

A limited edition portrait of Tom

At the launch of our charity, we met James Dunn who had made the trip down from Liverpool with his mum, Lesley and his dad, Kenny. James has a life limiting strain of the disease EB. As well as morphine which he uses every 2 hours, James uses distraction to deal with his constant pain. Since his great passion is photography, Nikki came up with the idea of James doing a photo shoot with Tom. We made a print run of 195 which were authenticated with stickers and certificates and each signed by Tom. Tom and James appeared on national TV to publicise the sale and we managed to raise £42,000, all of which went to James's appeal #fightEB    


The winners special Christmas message posted on Tom's instagram

Our third event

The first Spider-Man Homecoming figurine

At a comic-con in Arizona, Tom was given one of the very first Hot Toys Peter Parker/Spider-Man figurine with Tom's face and features. It really is a work of art with suit and costume changes and even included the yellow school jacket from the movie. Tom signed the plinth which was authenticated with a copyright sticker and since Tom has not signed any further figurines, it remains the only signed one in the world. It was raffled with people from across the world buying tickets - with a draw live on Instagram. Runners up won signed and dedicated photos of Tom - and the figurine was awarded to the outright winner in Poland. 


All subsequent events can now be found in our news section. Thank you for reading and watching. Hope to see you at our next event.