Happy Easter with a trip to the cinema

Reality check…

Quite a responsibility running a new charity as we are discovering.

Raising funds and then distributing monies to people in need. Making sure that the money is spent well and not wasted. Making a difference is the primary goal and as with all charities, we dream of the seismic changes; like helping along that vital piece of research which eradicates life limiting diseases like EB and all manner of cancers.

But as well as the big stuff – there is much joy and happiness in things that might seem incidental to us.

Going to the cinema is hardly a big deal for most the people reading this short post. When I grew up, going to the cinema was a treat and is perhaps why I can still vividly remember seeing Jaws with my mum and my brother. But nowadays, the cinema is hardly a big deal and if we don’t visit the Cineplex then we can simply stream movies straight in to our homes, no problem.

Last week, The Brothers Trust sent 200 children to the movies. 70 of whom had never been to the cinema before and the remaining going for only their second time.  These are kids who live in Kibera, the largest slum dwelling on earth. Coaches were hired to take the excited kids and staff to see FERDINAND – fill them with popcorn and hot-dogs and give these kids an experience that I venture they will never forget.

Less is more, as the saying goes – and because these kids have so little, it takes not very much to affect their lives.  From the photo montage in this post, it is obvious what this trip meant to these youngsters.

The Brothers Trust has big plans for their union with LunchBowl and their ongoing work in Kibera – but for now and until then, this Easter treat is something we are thrilled to fund.

Thanks to those of you who have made this help possible.


Happy Easter to you all.