Momentum Update...

A charity that we have supported is Momentum, a local charity, founded in the hospital where Tom and his brothers were born. Our trust awarded Momentum £6000 which is being used to fund a dedicated family support worker for a year. Momentum works to support young people who have life limiting illnesses which is predominantly cancer.

The support worker is a local mum whose own child is combatting cancer herself and so she is ideally placed to identify the needs and co-ordinate efforts; to develop a programme of communication, support and befriending activities amongst these young people. Empathy and kinship is key for young people anyway but especially so for young people dealing with such trauma. Our support worker has become a vital link between patients of 25 families across a number of hospitals in South West London. Money from our grant has been used to organise events like brunch meets, theatre trips and pamper evenings so that these teenagers and their families can enjoy themselves but also so they can form vital friendships of mutual support.

Teenage cancer is indiscriminate. Fighting it and coping with the disease must be all consuming. To have a charity like Momentum to help with this process must be a great help - which is why The Brothers Trust are delighted to be able to support Momentum and we will continue to do so.