Thanks to you…

We wanted to give an update to our supporters on what has been done with the some of the funds that you have helped us to raise.

As previously reported, £16,000 was granted to Lunch Bowl – a charity run entirely by volunteers both in London as a fundraising hub and on the ground in Kibera, Kenya.

This money had been earmarked to buy land and to construct a school but the organisation ran in to obstacles with planning authority’s regarding lease charges and so it was decided that the deal was too risky and not a good use of our funds.

We hoped that this might resolve but since the legal concerns persist, we have asked Lunch Bowl to allocate the funds elsewhere rather than monies lying dormant in a bank account where it is no good use to anyone.

This has now been done and we are delighted to be able to report the following…

£8,500 has been allocated to fund the entire Kibera Lunchbowl Saturday dinner programme for a full year – providing a hot meal for over 400 orphans or vulnerable children every Saturday.

Lunch Bowl 2.JPG


£150 allocated to pay for and install a single solar panel to create light and power for two classrooms at the Angel Kindergarten that Lunch Bowl runs.

£150 to pay for and install a new shower at the orphanage.

£80  to pay for a wheelchair for a young boy called Jackson. He has cerebral palsy and his plight was recently brought to the attention of Lunch Bowl.

A further £1040 has been put aside to provide Jackson with physiotherapy sessions for the next 12 months.

£6,164 allocated to provide all the food for 200 children at the Angel Kindergarten – breakfast, lunch and fruit for six months.

Thank you for supporting us. In doing so, you are directly helping some of the world's most vulnerable and needy people. 

And because 94p in every pound that Lunch Bowl receives, is spent directly on the children, we consider this to be a great use of the funds that we are able to raise.

Many Thanks